Here a selection of poses from the world of fashion that are more suited for our runway that would show the designers garments best. Please pick a selection of 5-10 poses and practice them in order to be very fluent and comfortable with them. Check them out and see which of them look better for you. Not all poses look best for all body type or for you. Pic some that go well with your look.






To audition for edify fashion shows or any of our events you need to download the below documents and send them back signed.

What we are looking for:

In general we are looking for tall models 5'7” and above. Beautiful face features, good bone structure. We like a variety so we don't expect all models to look the same. Because designers need to be able to make outfits that can be fitted we usually use size 0-4 for the dress size.

Slender body lines ( google for fashion weight expected for your height )

Good coordination and proportion, flexibility, good leg swing and hip shoulder movement. Energy and animation on your face. None or little tattoos as possible. Tattoos are distracting and designers are jealous and want the attention to go to the outfits that they work hard to prepare for the show.

No model is perfect and we do not expect that. If you are a little different and have the exceptional look we would like to see you.



Besides look here are a few things we are looking for and appreciate in a model.


Good communication:

In business world is expected that you respond with in 24-48 hours to your emails and messages. We understand emergencies. However if we send you an email and we do not hear from you in a week or two that means you are either not interested or not communicating well.



 February 21st (Thursday) 5:30 pm to 9 pm at FABRIC 132 E 6th St, Tempe AZ 85281

 February 28th(Thursday) 5:30 pm to 9 pm at FABRIC 132 E 6th St, Tempe AZ 85281

March 8th (Friday) 4 to 6 pm at Because Event Venue 3419 East University Dr Phx AZ 85034

We like to be efficient and do not waste our time or yours. So we usually have 2 or 3 rehearsals before a show to make sure models are prepared. We do not do the one straight line runway show. We use more complex choreography, something that many European shows do. So quality requires preparation.

Be on time, be prepared stay focused so things go smoothly. Have fun. Is a requirement.

We take things seriously and work with the highest level of professionals but we do like people to enjoy what they do and have fun with it.

Quality look and being selective:

We are looking in general for the highest level models with unique look. We like models that are selective and work with select shows, designers and photographers. If your face is all over the internet in bad quality photos, poor lighting and representation that is probably an image we are not looking for. Your image as model is your livelihood and the same for us. So your professional image is important to us. When you are a public figure what you do and the images that float around represent who you are. We prefer a good high class and quality image for our show and models. CONTRACT AGREAMENT.pdf MEDIA RELEASE2.pdf



To E Sign the documents please follow the below instructions.


1. Click on the document and download in to your phone as it is in PDF format.

2. Go to your phone and from google play store or Mac app store download the SignNow free app.

3. Sign up for an account with an email address and a password.

4. Follow instructions on the app how to open the document you just downloaded and create a signature to post on the document. Is an easy way to sign legal documents anywhere.

5. Once you signed the document and saved it from the menu chose email and email us the documents to : or


6. please send us in an email the following information about yourself:

height, dress size, shoe size, measurements, Instagram name as @FashionModel, Facebook name or link, email, phone number, are you ok with seating on a horse, are you ok with walking a well behaved dog. The horse and dog are not mandatory for you to be in the show. Not all models will have to or will be with one. Are you ok with bikini modeling. We need to know if you are comfortable with that or not. You do not have to walk bikini if not comfortable with that.

A head shot hopefully recent and not overly photoshopped that shows you not someones dream of you:). A good cell photo is ok. Is for our records to know who we talking to.




Welcome to the team. Looking forward to see you to the rehearsal. If you need help with your walk and posing contact us and we have a few experts in the team that can help you get better.

Your presentation, animation, walk and posing in the rehearsal will determine on how we are going to use you as a model in the show.






The lineup for designers is fairly complete for the March show. We will be doing a final casting at the first rehearsal/audition. Please be on time and prepared. Below are the dates, times and locations of our auditions, rehearsals and fittings. These are very import and if for any reason you cannot attend we do need you to let us know. We have a very unique runway, its three rooms going at one time and the choreography needs your attention. For this show to be exceptional, communication is key at this point. We appreciate all of your enthusiasm and support!

 February 21st (Thursday) 5:30 pm to 9 pm at FABRIC 132 E 6th St, Tempe AZ 85281

 February 28th(Thursday) 5:30 pm to 9 pm at FABRIC 132 E 6th St, Tempe AZ 85281

March 8th (Friday) 4 to 6 pm at Because Event Venue 3419 East University Dr Phx AZ 85034

 (WE have a very strict time frame at the venue please do not be late) If you have any questions at all contact Emanuel or Gail Gail 480 343-6126



Models are required:

-Face clean only moisturizer

-Hair Clean and dry (not flat ironed)

-Nail polish on natural colors not glitter apply ( hand and toes)

-Deodorant natural from stone

-Bring your own heels (nude, black, brown , metallic, etc). If you have country boots bring it as well

-Underwear nude or matching your skin tone

-Clean pillowcase (to protect the outfits from makeup spots)


Best of luck and looking forward to see you sparkle in the show :)



the Edify Fashion Team










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F.A.B.R.I.C Tempe

We like to thank all the models that came to the audition yesterday. We had a lot of fun, meet a lot of people and took a lot of photos as well. Than you guys from WAMP Magazine for all the diligent and hard work you did recording our audition, interviewing models and mc candidates. Thank you our photo crew Jam and James and Cielo, Christa, Gail, Derika, for helping with the audition and making things go smooth. Stay tuned more photos and models to come.







"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." —Coco Chanel